Short-Term Mission Teams

James Project of Latin America receives about 25 mission teams per year from the USA, Canada and even from within the country of Guatemala. While we work hard to tailor the experience for each team according to their make-up and interests, our primary focus is in partnering with you to fill the needs and priorities of the project. We’re open to creatively blessing the children and staff of James Project and the people of Monjas, so it doesn’t hurt to ask if you have an idea. If we can’t do it for some reason, we’ll let you know.

  • The principal focus of teams is to partner with us as we minister to the women and children at James Project and our local community.
  • Each mission team’s experience is tailor-planned based on YOUR gifts and talents, as well as OUR needs and goals.
  • Every team member that the Lord calls has something to contribute!

Looking for a Team?

Sometimes we have people looking to join a mission team that is already scheduled. If this is you, the following teams are scheduled and still accepting additional team members. Please contact the team leaders for additional information.

June 9-17, 2023
Team Leader: Cathy Crosslin
Email for information

July 1-8, 2023
Team Leader: Claudia Bell
Email for information

Missionary Opportunities

We have a variety of roles to fill with talented, qualified missionaries. Not all of these roles are full-time and a missionary will most likely fill more than one.

Available roles

Do you feel called to serve overseas? James Project of Latin America has a variety of opportunities for missionaries to join our team.

 Contact Tiffany Applegate for more information.

Download the Application here.

What we provide

We have staff members whose job is to help missionaries adapt and acclimate to life in Monjas, including the following: banking, grocery shopping, insurance, housing, purchasing a car, purchasing household items, establishing phone service, home internet service (if available), and all utilities, etc.

Time with James Project kids. In addition to normal interactions during the school/work day, missionaries may visit the James Project property for scheduled play time every Sunday from 3:00-5:00pm. There are also various other events throughout the year which allow for plenty of interaction.

What are the expectations?

  • Missionaries will be expected to serve all people as needed, including other missionaries, teams, staff, and children. Most missionary positions do not allow for full-time or daily access to the children at Shadow of His Wings.
  • All missionaries are self-supported, which will require the raising of funds and a support base.
  • This is a place of ‘business’. As such, normal office hours are 8:00 – 4:00, M-F. Changes to this are only allowed in special circumstances and with the approval of the Directors.
  • Missionary kids are allowed to attend our school, but must adhere to all school rules and requirements. This is mostly to learn the culture/language as credits earned here are not recognized the US education system.
  • A minimum of a two year commitment – preferably longer
  • Time off: besides most U.S. federal holidays, time off is given for visa renewals and requirements. All missionaries must leave Guatemala every 6 months for a minimum of 72 hours. Typically missionaries return home 2x per year for a few weeks at a time.
  • All missionaries are required to pursue advancement in the Spanish language.


Our Vision Trips provide like-minded leaders and philanthropists a way to share the vision of James Project of Latin America. During these trips, you and your friends are provided with a hands-on, interactive experience with the orphans and widows we serve – while leveraging your limited time, unique expertise, financial resources and influence.

What is the purpose of a Vision Trip?

The purpose of these trips is to provide you and your friends an opportunity to visit us in Guatemala, engage with the children at James Project, and have an on-the-field experience while learning more about the vision and ministry of JPLA.

While in Guatemala, you will visit with the women and children we serve, allowing you to develop a better understanding of their unique struggles and how we are working to provide a brighter for future for them.


A Vision Trip typically consists of less than eight people, spending 3-5 days onsite, learning about the vision, needs, and desires of the project. We can be flexible with arrival and departure dates (weekdays or weekends are available).

Transportation will be provided by JPLA to/from the airport and during the time in Monjas. Room and board is built into the cost. Visitors will stay in the Team House or the JPLA apartments, depending on availability.

The Executive Director, Tiffany Applegate, will lead the group while here. There will be time to hear about the vision for JPLA, ask and answer questions, meet and interact with the kids and to get a feel for how God is working here.

Next Step:

Contact for details on costs, additional information and/or questions.

Sample Itinerary:
  • Friday mid-day or early afternoon – Arrive in Guatemala City
  • Friday afternoon/evening – Visit city dump and see some of the areas where our children have been rescued, Drive to Monjas
  • Saturday – Meet children at James Project of Latin America, Vision Walk of the Project, Visit Widows Project, and Transition Home, Tour of Monjas, Activity with Children, Q&A with Director
  • Sunday morning – Church at Project
  • Sunday afternoon – Drive to Guatemala City
  • Monday morning – Fly Home

Become a Visionary

Have you been impacted by your experience in Guatemala? Have the children at James Project touched your heart and are you interested in doing more to help them become all that God has called them to be? If so, please consider becoming a Visionary for the James Project of Latin America!

What is a Visionary?

A visionary is a person that thinks or plans for the future. A JPLA visionary is someone who helps takes actionable steps to make sure the vision of James Project of Latin America comes to fruition. To really meet the needs of the women and children we serve, we need visionaries working on our behalf in the communities and churches in Guatemala, the United States, Canada, and around the world.

What does a Visionary do?

As a Visionary, you will make connections with individuals, businesses, and churches on behalf of JPLA, organize and host fundraisers, share the needs of the women and children in Guatemala, and promote the mandate of James 1:27. You will be the voice and advocate for the orphans and widows we serve.

How will JPLA support me?

The JPLA staff (primarily the Directors) will be in communication with you regarding the needs of the project and the messages to convey. You will have access to statistics, stories, our promotional materials, and other items that will support you in your efforts. We will be here to support you in all your efforts, in any way we can.

Why do we need Visionaries?

The responsibility for fundraising and public relations for JPLA lies primarily at the feet of the Directors. While this is a great honor, it also comes with several challenges. First, our missionaries and staff reside in Guatemala. This limits our ability to make face-to-face connections with potential supporters and prayer partners. Second, our staff is small and our resources limited. While we can not visit every country, state, or city, we currently have supporters (like you) from a variety of geographical areas. You can carry the message and ministry of JPLA to your city much easier than we can. And finally, our circle of influence is limited. As a visionary, you can open doors and make connections that we never could.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a Visionary, email Tiffany to get more information.

Learn more about Visionaries at



Become an Ambassador

An ambassador is defined as a person who acts as an authorized representative, messenger, or promoter of a specified activity. To really meet the needs of the women and children we serve, we need ambassadors working on our behalf in the communities and churches in Guatemala, the United States, Canada, and around the world.

What can you do?

Read and share the James Project of Latin America blog.

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Write and email a blog post about your experience and passion for the mission of JPLA to be shared on our website.


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Tiffany Applegate

Executive Director at James Project of Latin America

Tiffany Applegate, her husband, Bryon, and their four daughters (Jaqui, Sierra, Joselin, Aramie) have been involved with JPLA for years leading trips/teams, volunteering, and providing child sponsorships. They moved to Guatemala in October 2013, and Tiffany is now serving full-time as Executive Director of JPLA. As ED, she is responsible for all areas of the James Project of Latin America, including Shadow of His Wings Children's Home, Evangelical Freedom School, and the Redeemed Women's Program.

David and Sue Crites

Agriculture and Sponsorship

Dave and Sue Crites have ministered in Guatemala for many years. After having their hearts broken for the children there (specifically a very young mother with a baby) they felt that they needed to move to Guatemala and do more. They first visited James Project of Guatemala in 2017, looking for a way to help. They felt called to join the team and became full-time missionaries, living in Monjas, Jalapa, in June of 2018.


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