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Katy’s Story

By July 23, 2015March 25th, 2018JPLA Blog

Written by Katy

My name is Katherine Stephany. When I was 9 years old I began to work in “La Terminal” [a very dangerous section of Guatemala City where all the public buses come through]. I got on the buses [to sell things to the passengers] and I had to get up at 4 in the morning to begin working. All I had for breakfast was coffee and bread. I did that for 2 years. I tried to get there early to sell more for my mom to be able to buy food for my 6 brothers and sisters.

I went to school at 2 in the afternoon and went back to work at 4 to keep selling. I studied at a school called Pennat (Education Program for Boys and Girls who Work).

After living like that for 2 years, there was one day that I lost Q100 [about $13]. I was scared that my mother would hit me, so I ran away to my grandmother’s house.

I spent a year living with her when my sister Sharon came to my grandmother’s house telling me that our mother was hitting her a lot. So, I told my grandmother we should go to the court and Sharon and I went alone.

That day was the 30th of December, 2008, the day they sent me to live at Shadow of His Wings. Since that time I have received God as my personal Salvation and my life has changed. Before I worked and sold things, but now I can play with the other children.

Since that moment I have understood the purpose of God for my life. I have grown and learned a lot academically and also have developed an interest in sports.

I am in middle school now. I pray to God to allow me to become a bilingual secretary and to be able to play team soccer in the future. I want to go to college and help my brothers and sisters. I am praying that they will also be able to come to the Home.

I live a much better life thanks to the mercy of God. I have been living as part of the Magdalena Family now since January 2014.