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A Baby Found

By August 27, 2015March 25th, 2018JPLA Blog

The crying could barely be heard.  They newborn was in distress, barely hanging on to life.  In the wee hours of the morning she had been discarded in an empty lot.  Hours later she lay in the weeds, her umbilical cord still attached.  The hungry dogs had come.  Unsure of the noisy creature at first, now testing the waters of a potential meal.  Her life was in danger.  Her existence unknown, save one.

Three brothers were walking to school that day.  For some unknown reason they decided to walk a different route to school.  This unknown reason saved the life of baby Debora.  Curious as to what the dogs were fighting over, the boys were shocked at their discovery.  As one immediately ran for help, the other two fended off the hungry pack of wolves.  With school forgotten, the reason for their detour was now obvious.  They were meant to be rescuers.  A discovery that will never be forgotten, changed the course of baby Debora’s life forever.

Only God and Satan know what led the woman to abandon her newborn in this way.  Perhaps desperation.  Perhaps fear.  Maybe a mental issue.  Whatever the reason, Satan was behind it.  For some reason Satan doesn’t want this baby alive.  But God is greater and His plans for baby Debora will prevail.  The woman is now in prison.  Her plea, post-partum depression. Her sentence justified.  The story made the national news.  The judge wanted her in the best home available.  She made history at Shadow.

After one month in the hospital, recovering from hypothermia, hunger, and shock, baby Debora came to Shadow as the youngest child ever received here.  She’s thriving, eating well, and stealing the hearts of everyone.  As you would expect, she is doted on, passed around, and prayed over often.  Despite her traumatic start, she is developing on schedule, gaining weight rapidly, trying to talk, laughing, and playing like a 6-month old should.

She’s a beautiful baby.  Her smile contagious.  Her personality sweet.  She loves people and will go to anyone.  She doesn’t miss a thing, as she’s very observant and alert.  These qualities will help whenever the judge orders her to leave us.  It could be soon or it could be down the road.  The chances are that it will happen though.  She does have other family who may want her.  It will kill us when she leaves.  But when that day comes, we will thank God for the time we had with her, knowing God has a great purpose for her.

We will not only continue praying for baby Debora, we will also continue praying for her birth-mother.  Whether she was a tool of Satan, or the victim of a mental sickness, we will pray for her.  We pray that she is receiving the help she needs.  We pray that she is being healed.  But more importantly we pray for her salvation.  Just as her baby was saved from an early death, we pray that she will be saved from eternal death.  For both, from death to life.