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The Girl with No Name

By August 20, 2015March 25th, 2018JPLA Blog

The girl with no name was found in a room.  A dark, dirty, cage.  The smell of human waste permeated the room.  The smell of fear clung to the animal that was caged.  Upon her discovery she recoiled into a corner, throwing her own feces for protection.  She was naked, afraid, barely living.  The authorities were in shock at what they saw.  She in shock from her circumstances.  The girl with no name was living as an animal.  Her brain reacting out of survival.

We don’t know her real name.  We don’t know her age.  We don’t know her whole story, nor the extent of her abuse.  We don’t even know if sheknows these things.  We’ve given her a name, a dentist her age.  The affects of the abuse are obvious, but we don’t know the details. We don’t even know if she remembers.  The professionals have said she can’t remember because her brain has blocked it all out.

Only God knows if her present condition is the result of her abuse.  Perhaps it is a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Perhaps the abuse came because of a pre-existing condition that caused her abusers to see her as less than human.  In reality it doesn’t really matter.  She can speak, but very little.  She can learn, but very slowly.  She may never be able to live on her own.  She will never marry or become a mother.  And that’s ok.  What she can do is love.  She loves her house parents and her sisters.  She loves going to school and she loves music.  On occasion you will see her express joy in outbursts of sound and movement.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.

The girl without a name no longer exists.  The caged animal is now a sweet, healthy young woman.  The girl who smelled of fear, now wreaks of joy and happiness.  She’s clothed, secure, and loved.  She now has a name, a home, a life of peace and security. We believe that God will completely heal her.  Whether it be during her time on earth, or in heaven.  She is in His hands.  We’re just blessed to have her under our care.  We’re blessed to have her in our family and to call her daughter.

The meaning of her new name is an interesting study.  Etymologists are in debate as to the origin of it. The possibilities are not only interesting, but symbolic.  One source believes it comes from the Greek word for “torture”, another from the Greek word for “pure”.  It’s true that this girl was tortured.  That’s obvious.  But she’s also been made pure.  It’s even more obvious that God is working in her life.  It’s symbolic of the Christian experience.  Before Christ we lived a life of torture, but after we became pure.  Just like Jesus.  When we look at her now, Jesus is what we see.  He is her new identity.  The girl who had now name is named in the Book of Life.  Daughter of the King, Sister of the Saints, Child of God. Princess. Saved.