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The Girl with Abundant Joy

By October 16, 2016March 25th, 2018JPLA Blog

When she arrived nobody quite knew what to think of her.  Most of the kids we receive are scared, shy, quiet.  But not this one.  This one was boisterous, outgoing, curious, and despite a speech impediment, very talkative.  This “bubbly personality” was rare, but refreshing.  Little did we know, it was also problematic.

Without guidance and wisdom boisterous can become obnoxious.  Outgoing can become intrusive.  Curious can become disrespectful.  Talkative can become annoying.  Putting this personality in a home with hurting, introverted, or private people can make finding friends difficult.  It can wear on patience and understanding.  It can not only push people away, it can create a toxic environment.

When combining this type of personality with an abusive past, it can lead to a lack of compassion towards the individual.  It can also lead to aggression and assertiveness that crosses boundaries.  And such was the case with this one.  She immediately set a tone of abrasiveness and turmoil in her relationships with other kids at Home.  Nobody wanted to befriend her.  She was too overbearing.  Nobody wanted to play with her.  She was too demanding.  Nobody wanted to help her.  She was too domineering.

Her beginning here at Shadow was rocky.  It was difficult and it was painful.  She was rejected by other kids because she was different, jilted because she was bossy.  But then she met Jesus.  She who had no friends now walks with the best of friends.  She who was told she talks funny, now talks with the King.  She who talked too much, now talks of the Savior.  And wants everyone to know it.  This “bubbly personality” now bubbles over with the joy of the Lord.

In a recent court hearing, she shared the gospel like no other little girl has done before.  To the psychologist, the judge, the social workers, and to her birth family, she shared how Jesus has changed her.  And to the amazement of all in the courtroom, she witnessed to her family about the love of Christ and how much they needed Him.  She shared that as a changed person, she now wants to change the world for Christ.  And, she’s only 10.

For this little girl with “too much personality”, God is using her to be who He intended her to be.  What others saw as a character flaw, God sees as a character gifting.  He created her to be boisterous, outgoing, curious, and talkative.  And now she is using it to spread the Good News.  Unlike Moses, she isn’t letting her speech impediment impede on sharing her testimony.  She’s still overwhelming at times and with maturity will be able to control herself better.  But I don’t believe she will ever be able to control her willingness to share the Gospel.

People may never know just what to think of her, but those same people will never doubt what He thinks of her.  She just won’t let them.