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From Wild to Mild

By January 27, 2017March 25th, 2018JPLA Blog

The wild child has been tamed.  These are words that nobody expected to hear.  The little boy that ate like an animal, didn’t know how to bathe, and couldn’t show respect, has changed.  The wild child now controls his body, and his temper.  The one who didn’t realize the consequences of his actions now recognizes good and bad behavior.  And it’s all because of two fathers.

The wild child had never known a father, let alone a daddy.  In fact, he had never really known a mother either.  He and his younger brother were left to fend for themselves.  After coming to Shadow of His Wings, the wild child was introduced to two men that have changed his life forever.  One earthly.  One heavenly.  The two have worked together to meet the needs of this little boy.  And the result of their efforts is nothing short of miraculous and supernatural.

The wild child is now the mild child.  He recently expressed his gratitude towards his earthly dad, saying how good of a man he was and how thankful he was to have him as a dad.  He explained how his papí prayed with him, read the bible to him, and taught him about Jesus.  He too loves his Heavenly Father and wants to live for Him.  It’s one of the most drastic changes we’ve seen here and one of the most touching. This recent expression of gratitude was completely unsolicited and exemplifies the miracle in this boy’s life.

You can read more about the wild child and his brother, as they have been written about before.  This writing is a follow-up story.  A progress story.  A success story.  You see, the wild child has vanished.  The boy is still here, but he is different.  His story is a testament to what love and prayer can do in a person’s life.  It’s a testament to what Christ can do in all our lives.  Because weren’t we all the wild child at some point in our lives?  Didn’t we all go through a miraculous and supernatural change when we received the love of our Heavenly Father through prayer?

This boy is indeed a different person now.  He still has his struggles and always will.  But the change is permanent.  His self-control is better.  His manners, improved.  His attitude, positive.

But most importantly, his heart is softened.  He feels the love that is extended to him.  From his papí on earth and in heaven.  We can’t wait to see what God has in store for this little guy.  To be a part of his life and his story is something special.  From wild to mild.  Glory to God.