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A mother of 3 who is a widow at age 22 isn’t suppose to succeed on her own. She isn’t suppose to be able to change the futures of her own children, let alone her entire community, She isn’t suppose to finish her education, let alone graduate with honors. She isn’t suppose to feed the children in her home, let alone the other school age child in her community. She isn’t suppose to build her own brick and mortar building, let alone build a successful business.

Water comes to her community once a week, but that didn’t stop her from providing it daily.

Electricity is an hour away, but her new solar charger brings it instantaneously.

Going to the nearest tienda (store) owned her time, now she owns and operates her own store.

The neighbor kids went to school hungry (if at all), now she provides breakfast and tutoring for them.

This widow refused to be put in a mold, to fit a stereotype, or let tragedy defeat her. Instead, she took counsel and advice. She prayed and trusted. She worked and toiled. She walked 5 kilometers to charge her cell phone and submit assignments. She read and studied under the sun and by candlelight. She started a business with seed money and harvested the benefits. This widow did everything she wasn’t suppose to do.

This widow didn’t let culture decide who she would become, instead she let God decide who she would become. She didn’t let tragedy determine her fate, she let God determine it. She let God redeem her and bring glory to Himself through her story.

People walk from communities all around to attend church services in her community, because they see the blessings of God on her life and her story. They want what she has. Not her store and its inventory. Not her profits or her education. They come seeking the REDEEMER and the redemption that He and only He offers. 


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