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She was only 11 when it happened. He hurt her badly, but not only her. He also hurt her mom and her little sister. Can you even imagine? She was just a kid herself and now she was going to be mother.

While she should’ve been playing with friends, going to school, and fighting about taking a bath, she was fighting for her life. Hiding what was happening. Hoping it would it go away. But it didn’t, and now she was pregnant. What was she going to do?

Finally, someone came and rescued her. The abuse stopped but the pregnancy progressed. However, now it was progressing in a safe place. No one was hurting her. She was getting to study for the first time. She had plenty to eat and a safe bed to sleep in. She felt seen, and loved, and still very, very scared.

She turned 12 and then it was time to give birth. Her beautiful baby was born. But how could she survive and what would happen to her and the baby? In a country where most crimes against women and children are ignored, she didn’t hope for justice. She didn’t hope for much. But she found more than she ever dreamed.

While at James Project, she found hope in Jesus. While here, she fell in love with her baby. She also found healing and strength through the Lord and with the help of psychologists and loving caregivers. But even though she didn’t want to leave, the judge sent her back.

And what happened next is incredible! She took her love, healing, and change with her when she went home. She used it to touch her mom’s heart and show compassion to those around her. She took the Gospel into the darkness, and He’s been faithful to change what’s possible.  

And recently, she had a court appearance where the judge noticed and admired her change. He also heard her cry for justice and her abuser received 3 life sentences. He will never hurt another little girl!

“The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.” Psalms 33:5