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Team Experiences


Written by: Russ Peterson, Pastor, Team Member

Papa?  One word, that communicated more than most 4 letter words are able to communicate.  The word was spoken by Anderson, one of the boys, towards Hugo.  Hugo, father to Casa Pablo, had just led our short term missions group in singing “Cumpleanos Feliz” to one of the James Project missionaries.  It was at that point Anderson spoke that one word, “papa” with a tone of admiration and respect.   I don’t know what Anderson went on to ask Hugo.  That is besides the point.  What caught my attention was the one word.

In that moment I thought, “this is how God designed things” to be!  For every child to have a “papa” and a “mama” in their life.  One that they look up to with admiration and respect, knowing that they are loved and protected.  Knowing that they are not alone.  Knowing that they won’t be abused or abandoned.

God’s design for families is based on the relationship that He desires with us as well; a relationship in which we entreat Him with that same title, “Papa”, and in the same tone of admiration and respect, knowing that He is “for us and not against us”.

And when and where things have fallen away from God’s design in this world, our “papa” would have us do our part to restore it.  To take up the cause of the fatherless and motherless; the widow and the orphan; not just giving them shelter, but restoring their understanding of relationship, and restoring their image and understanding of God in the process.

In a nutshell that is a big part of what shapes the mission at The James Project of Latin America.  Please join us in our ongoing partnership with JPLA.